Water Pump


VORTEX SUMP (EVP-W) - Non-clog,Vertical,Sump Pumps
Usage and Application
·General Engineering and Chemical industries
·Sewage treatment and power plant
·Pulp & paper industries
·Suitable for automatic operation
·Great variety in metallic materials for corrosion and wear resistance
·Smooth and stable operation is guaranteed by the bearings securely support
·Non-clog vortex pump through which soilds passes without clogging
·Capacity : 0.04 m³/min ~ 5 m³/min
·Head : 6 m ~ 45 m
·Suction Dimension : ø40 mm ~ ø150 mm
·Rotation Direction : CW

* The out of the above range can be supplied according to customer's order placement.

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