Usage and Application
·General industries and Water Treatment
·Power Plant
·Irrigation & drainage
·Pump and motor designed in one body
·Dry, watertight encapsulated winding in motor, insulation class F. Rated voltage 220V, 440V, 3300V
·Impeller designed 3-D method ensure the high efficiency of pump
·Dynamically balanced impeller and motor guarantee quite and trouble free operation
·Moisture detection device To protect against failure of the motor due to water penetrating into winding space,
a moisture detection device can be fitted to motor chamber and bearing bracket. Temperature sensors
·Temperature sensors installed on bearing bracket and motor will prevent the motor winding from overheating
Capacity : 10 m³/min ~ 400 m³/min
Head : 4 m ~ 15 m
Temperature : 0°c ~ 40 °c
Suction Dimension : 350 mm ~ 1700 mm

* The out of the above range can be supplied according to customer's order placement.

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